Can I drink alcohol on board the party bike?

You may enjoy alcoholic beverages on board the party bike! However, please note that our licensing and permits are different in each city. Please see below for what is allowed and not allowed at each location. Scottsdale You may have adult beverages on board the bike, but due to our licensing we cannot have any outside [...]

Can I order my alcohol, snacks, merch, etc ahead of time?

It depends! In Scottsdale, our licensing allows us to have a full selection of beer, wine, seltzers and more available for purchase at our convenient on-site booze store for your party bike adventure — We recommend you pre-order online so it is ready for you when you arrive! We also have a wide selection of drinks, [...]

When should we arrive for our reservation?

In Scottsdale, please arrive to our location 30 minutes prior to your start time to ensure that we can check you in, verify waivers, purchase any party supplies and adult beverages you may need, go over the rules, and get loaded up to start your party on time. To save some time, you can pre-order your adult [...]

What should we bring with us?

One of the funnest parts of the party bike experience is that you can actually enjoy your adult beverages on board! But don't let forgetting a couple of things dampen the experience. Please note the different rules in each city below regarding alcohol in particular, which varies because of our licensing and permits: Scottsdale Tucson, [...]

Who drives the party bike?

Have no fear, an experienced and trained Party Bike Captain will drive the bike and keep things safe, legal, and fun so your group can focus on partying!

Should we tip the captain?

Your Party Bike Captains do work for tips and aim to provide an excellent experience for our guests! You can either add a tip in advance when making your booking, give your captain cash, or let us know to add it to the credit card on file after the party. Many of them also have Venmo [...]

Is there music on board?

Yes! We have a rocking sound system and LED lights for the perfect party ambiance. Our tablet that hooks up to the system is full of music from every genre with tons of songs and playlist options for you to choose. Make sure to bring a good DJ!

How many people can ride?

We can fit a maximum of 14 passengers on board the bike, but require a minimum of six people to pedal the party bike. Non-private parties and pub crawls (based on individual tickets) are tentative until we have the minimum number of riders. There are a total of 10 pedaling seats and 4 non-pedaling seats. So [...]

Is there an age requirement?

Pub Crawl Age Requirement The minimum age for all parties booked by individual seat involving alcohol, including pub crawls, is 21 years of age or older. Riders must present valid ID to the captain when signing the release waiver before the start of the booking. Nobody under 21 is allowed on board a pub crawl. Private [...]

Where do we start and end?

Our locations are very close to where the parties and pub crawls operates. The exact location / meeting spot for the parties in each city are included in the confirmation email that you will receive after making your reservation. In general, all reservations begin and end at our location unless indicated otherwise. For example, the Old [...]