You may enjoy alcoholic beverages on board the party bike! However, please note that our licensing and permits are different in each city. Please see below for what is allowed and not allowed at each location.

You may have adult beverages on board the bike, but due to our licensing we cannot have any outside alcohol on the premises.

We have a great selection of beer, wine, seltzers and more are available for purchase at our convenient on-site booze store! You can also pre-order on our online store (Scottsdale only) to have it available for pick-up when you arrive.

Everything we sell is allowed to be brought on board the bike for consumption and comes ready with free coolers, ice, and cups. Any unopened drinks can be brought home with you at the end of the party!

Tucson, Phoenix, and Flagstaff
You may bring your adult beverages on board the bike, but all alcohol is BYOB — we cannot have it conveniently available for you. However, we will still have free coolers, ice, and cups for you! Please observe the following laws when bringing your own alcohol on board the bikes in Tucson, Phoenix, and Flagstaff:

  • Beer and wine only. Seltzers, hard ciders, lemonades, and malt beverages are OK!
  • No glass or hard liquor on board. We recommend cans for everything.
  • All alcoholic beverages are BYOB. We cannot provide or sell alcohol.
  • Do not step off board the vehicle with an open container as you will be in violation of public consumption laws and may be cited. All alcoholic beverages must stay on the vehicle!
  • You can bring home any unopened drinks at the end of the party.

DO NOT arrive for your party in any city already intoxicated or service may be refused without a refund. We aim to provide an amazing time, but your safety and legality is our #1 priority!