Plan a Scottsdale St. Patrick’s Day Party

Grab your green and practice your drinking songs – a Scottsdale St. Patrick’s Day is one you’ll remember above the rest!

There are excellent reasons that Scottsdale is a popular place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day:

  • The warm weather means you can frolic all day and into the evening without getting chilly
  • Scottsdale bars get into the St. Paddy’s day spirit with decorations, activities, and special drinks
  • The walkability of Old Town makes Scottsdale the perfect destination for a St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl
  • The entire town will be in a cheeky and social mood to celebrate the occasion

Unless you make it to the end of the rainbow, there’s no better place to celebrate a rambunctious St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s how you can plan your St. Paddy’s Day in Scottsdale!

Scottsdale St. Patrick’s Day Tips

Plan to stay in Old Town

Whether you’re a local looking for St. Paddy’s Day fun or an out-of-towner coming to celebrate for a few days, you’re going to want to be in the heart of Old Town for Celebrations. For the locals, leave the car at home and take a rideshare. Parking will be a nightmare, and the chances are that no one will want to drive home after a great night out. Of course, it will take longer to find a ride on a booming bar night, but it will also reduce group confusion and avoid risky driving altogether. 

Book an Old Town accommodation for out-of-towners to skip the driving or ride shares altogether! 

Start early 

You know that age-old rule “nothing good happens after 2 am? On St. Paddy’s Day, you could pull that rule forward a few hours. Later in the evening, people transition from jovial to raucous. So, if you want to see the best of the St. Paddy’s Day celebration and skip out before it hits that next level, party early and honor the day with a classic bar trick – the Irish goodbye. 

Pace yourself

Throughout history, people think that they can keep up with the St. Patrick’s Day spirit all day long. Spoiler alert – the score is currently Humans: zero – St Patrick’s Day Spirit: one billion. Pace your fun so it can last the whole day! You’ll also avoid getting kicked out of bars or having a run-in with the influx of law enforcement that happens. 

Wear green

Hopefully, society is well-past pinching strangers for not wearing green on St. Paddy’s Day, but you may get a sassy one-liner or two. So wear your holiday best and extra points for a conversation-starting sweater or graphic T. 

Bring cash

Whether it’s for drinks, tips, arcade games, or just keeping a good eye on how much money you’re spending, cash is the name of the game during a Scottsdale St. Paddy’s Day. There’s too much risk of a forgotten card or tab left open – take it old school to keep things simple. 

Take the classic St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl to the next level

“Drink-walk-drink-walk-drink-find a ride home” is fun, but it hardly ends up memorable. You need an activity that sets it apart from any old St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl – Arizona Party Bike fits that bill. Pedaling a 15-person bike with music blaring and drinking games afoot all while making friends along the way at bar stops? Consider that a St. Paddy’s Day to remember.

Scottsdale St. Patricks Day

Best Scottsdale Bars for St. Patrick’s Day

Looking for a place to grab a St. Paddy’s Day drink or three? Here are some spots up to the occasion!


Was it even a Scottsdale St. Patrick’s Day if you didn’t spend some of the day at Pattie’s? Pattie’s celebrates St. Patrick’s Day year-round, so you know they go hard on March 17th. With an 8 am bar open, pool tables, and that classic Irish bar feel, you can’t go wrong with Pattie’s. 


RockBar is great for those who want a rowdy St. Paddy’s Day – with live music and a rooftop to enjoy, you’ll be at the right place for socializing and taking shots of Jameson. It’s also close to other fun bars like BS West and Royals for easy bar crawling.


Boondocks is the one-stop shop for a great St. Patrick’s Day party. The open space has a party atmosphere perfect for big crowds, drinking games, and mingling with new friends. On top of that, it is also close to a different cluster of excellent bars like The Hot Chick and Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row. 


You will spot Giligin’s Bar from a mile away, thanks to the Christmas lights that adorn the bar year-round. You will love this bar during St. Paddy’s day, thanks to the playful atmosphere and tons of games they have to enjoy. From a spin-to-win wheel to goldfish races, you can’t beat this spot for finding unusual ways to party. 

St Patrick's Day

Scottsdale St. Patrick’s Day Events

The fun doesn’t stop there! There are some raucous Scottsdale St. Patrick’s Day events to add to your schedule. 

Patrick’s Day Pub Crawls

Every year, bars across Old Town host different versions of a St. Paddy’s Day celebration – the more you party at, the more fun you’ll have! Walking from bar to bar is a classic way to handle a St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl – but it’s more fun to ride. Planning a St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl with Arizona Party Bike means visiting three different St. Paddy’s day bars, partying through the streets, and blasting some Dropkick Murphys along the way!

Check out the Clancy’s Pub Party

If you’re craving some classic St. Paddy’s Day food and fun, head to Clancy’s Pub for their famous corned beef and cabbage. Clancy’s has a traditional Irish Pub atmosphere, so you’ll feel like Clancy’s transported you to Dublin the second you walk through the door. Wash all of that corned beef down with their iconic green beer and learn some Irish drinking songs along the way! 

Don’t let the long list of bars to visit on St. Patrick’s Day overwhelm you! From rowdy to playful, pick the kind of party you want to celebrate, and you’ll find just the right St. Paddy’s experience. And if you want a little help taking your St. Patrick’s Day to the next level with a party bike bar crawl, reach out to our team!

Scottsdale St Patrick's Day Pub Crawl on Arizona Party Bike

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