Plan The Ultimate Phoenix Bar Crawl

And they all said it couldn’t be done.

With the extensive list of party possibilities packed into Phoenix, many doubted we could ever create the ultimate guide to a perfect Phoenix bar crawl. But with intense studying, dedicated market research, and ample time out in the field, we’ve come up with our list of must-visit Phoenix bars, lounges, and clubs for your big night out. 

The key to the ultimate Phoenix bar crawl? Diversity. You want a good mix of beautiful, wild, and dive-bar spots to curate a well-rounded night to regret. The second key? Order. You can’t walk into a luxury speakeasy hammered and you shouldn’t walk into a gritty dive bar sober. Balance. 

It’s a delicate formula to develop a Phoenix bar crawl, and we did the work for you. All you have to do is follow our tips, enjoy our recommendations, and get everyone home safe. 

Bon voyage!

phoenix pub crawl tips

First, a couple of tips to maximize the success of your Phoenix bar crawl

Drink Water

Phoenix is h-o-t HOT, people. Day or night, it’s important to account for that in the amount of water you’re drinking. Otherwise, you’ll end up in a world of hurt the next day (or three).  

Bring Cash

Yes, it may seem a little outdated to not count on cards or ApplePay for your night out. But, there may still be times where cold hard cash comes in handy, like for a quick shot or a fun-looking barcade game. Having a bit of cash on you ensures that you’ll be able to jump on every cool Phoenix opportunity that you find. 

Up your clothing game

Here’s a nightmare scenario: Your group finally gets to the front of the line of one of the hottest clubs in Phoenix. You’re about to reach all of the fun, but Kylie wore flip flops, and can’t get in. Now you’re scrambling for a way back to the hotel so Kylie can find new shoes, instead of having the time of your lives at the club. Damn it, Kylie.

Phoenix can be pretty laid back, but some spots stick to a dress code. While not all of the dress codes are the same, swap the flip flops, casual shorts, and T-Shirts for something just a bit more refined. 

Always have a plan for transportation

The biggest way you can ruin a night out in Phoenix is by trying to drive when you know you shouldn’t. Whether you have a designated driver, Uber, or plan to hoof it home, don’t get behind the wheel. It’s not worth the risk for you, your friends, other drivers, and your shining reputation.

Always Add a Secret Ingredient

A standard night visiting bars by foot is fun, but it hardly ever ends up remarkable. If you really want to take your night to the next level, you need a secret ingredient. Arizona Party Bike fits that bill. Pedaling a 15-person bike with your favorite music and making new friends at bar stops? A perfect night out. 

Now, on to the bars!

phoenix bar crawl recommendations

The Ultimate Phoenix Bar Crawl

Start with some Food and Brews at State 48 Brewery

Yes, ok… Beer before liquor never sicker. BUT – that doesn’t count if it accompanies a burger. 

A great Phoenix bar crawl needs to start with a great Phoenix dinner. State 48 Brewery is going to serve you craft beers and quality meals while serving you vibrant and colorful looks. The psychedelic mural wall is the perfect eye-spy activity as you sip beers and prepare for the night. 

Go all-in with a flight of beers – we recommend the classic Desert Vibes Mexican Lager or the saucy blueberry ale. And for food, you can’t pass on the PB&J burger.

phoenix pub crawl - sazerac

Get a little fancy at Sazerac

If you’re looking for creative cocktails, you’ve come to the right place. 

Sazerac is where you go when you still care about the taste and looks of your drinks. From simple yet inventive cocktails to impeccably-made classics, you want your wits about you when you try these drinks. The atmosphere is casual yet trendy and perfect for enjoying great conversations with friends. 

A popular pick is the sage gimlet – it may look small and delicate, but this adorable cocktail packs a serious flavor punch. 

Explore the adult playground at The Duce

If you’re looking for variety, look no further than The Duce. The Duce has a gritty bar feel but also serves salad jars. And the entertainment at this venue couldn’t be more fun – you may have the chance to hear some Latin music on Thursday, and then groove to upbeat soul on a Saturday. From great vibes to a serious dance party, you never know what you’ll show up to, but you know it’ll be good. 

If you need a snack to keep you going, you have to try the mac-and-cheese muffins. If you don’t believe us, believe Guy Fieri! These little snacks have been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. 

Enjoy some social time at Churchill

If we had to describe Churchill, we would call it community chic – Churchill proves that warehouses can be full of fun. With various outdoor seating from long benches to comfy seating areas. It’s the perfect place to hang out with your friends and find new ones. The overhead fans keep the open-air atmosphere comfortable and inviting. 

There are different areas to grab food or drinks so you never have to wait in a long single line. With several little areas and businesses to explore, there is always something to see!

phoenix bar crawl - cobra bar

Have some childlike fun at Cobra Arcade Bar

There’s something so freeing about playing the games you loved when you were a kid. 

It’s time to up the ante and make some harmless little bets on arcade games – and Cobra Arcade Bar is the place to go. There is always some fun to be had, from classic arcade games to new activities to try for the first time. 

Everyone is celebrating their inner child, so don’t miss out on the fun! Try a few of the video game-themed cocktails (the Kirby is a fan favorite) and have a blast. 

Have a quality drink at Chambers Pub

Chambers is a charming boho Lounge and Kitchen located in the heart of the party scene. Great for the late-night munchies and comfy seating this cozy-yet-lively spot is a local favorite 

It’s a great place to catch your breath and taste their famous list of whiskeys, including Bourbons, Single Malts, and much more. They pride themselves in collecting and pouring the best of the best; with some rare one-of-a-kind bottles, you just won’t find anywhere else.

Round out the night at Copper Blues

From fun live music to a casual, lively atmosphere, you will end the night with a bang at Copper Blues. The environment may say rock n’ roll, but the actual music genre spans the board. You’ll dance to funk, country, and 80’s bops until the last call. 

Copper Blues fresh, local, and craft ingredients so you can sip on quality drinks while you party to the live music. Teke the Moscow mule – they juice fresh citrus AND make the ginger beer in-house to offer the best and most potent flavors around. 

An epic Phoenix bar crawl can go in many directions – make sure to choose the right one for you and your group! Enjoy planning your Phoenix Adventure, and reach out to us for help with the party game plan. Reach out to book your ideal Phoenix bar crawl today!

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