Best Things To Do During the Waste Management Phoenix Open

If you’re picturing small crowds, quiet viewers, and a calm atmosphere, you’re not picturing the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Welcome to “The People’s Open!” 

Talk about a kickoff – the Waste Management Phoenix Open is one of the first events on the PGA tour calendar. This annual event brings thousands of golf enthusiasts to Scottsdale every early spring for a week of golf mornings and party evenings. 

But being first of the year isn’t the WMPO’s claim to fame. The Waste Management Open has a unique reputation of having spectators be central to the event. These boisterous crowds helped the famous 16th hole (AKA The Coliseum) become the loudest hole in golf. 

If you can’t tell yet, the Waste Management Phoenix Open is one huge party. To navigate the best of the tournament and still fit in some classic Old Town, Scottsdale fun, we recommend putting in a little bit of planning for your week on the greens. 

Here is our insider’s guide on the best things to do during the Waste Management Phoenix Open!

The Waste Management Phoenix Open Pregame:

Does the WMPO have any shortage of drink opportunities? No. But is your trip exponentially improved when you experience more than a hot, sunny golf course? Absolutely.

You can’t make the trek to the Scottsdale Phoenix area without exploring the fantastic bar scene in Old Town Scottsdale or Downtown Phoenix. And, of course, the best way to do that is Arizona Party Bike. We offer rolling parties through the best bars in Scottsdale and Phoenix. You can sip beers and seltzers on the bike and get drink specials at all our bar partners. Whether you pregame the WMPO or plan an awesome finale to your trip, your friends will have a blast.

Our tips for your week watching Waste Management Phoenix Open:

Drink water.

Do you think this sounds like common sense? You’ll be surprised how quickly you can become dehydrated, especially with the hot Arizona sun and day drinking. Here’s the kicker – any water bottles you bring from home have to be sealed water bottles, so keep your HydroFlasks at home. The same goes for coolers, plastic cups, metal cups, cans, and containers of any kind! So we recommend bringing the accepted sealed water bottles to hold you over and plan to get some more on the course. 

Want to go for free?

Go on Monday or Tuesday. Here’s great news for the thrifty people out there! If you want to experience the Waste Management Phoenix Open for free, come on Monday or Tuesday for admission at no charge. Once you get in, you’ll pay for food, drinks, or access to certain areas, but we still love a good bargain! Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday set admission at $50, and Friday-Saturday is $75. Bonus Tip – If you’re only going for 1 day out of the week, we recommend Sunday. It’s cheaper, less crowded, but still packed with excitement. 

Want to go luxury?

Get VIP Tickets. You can treat yourself to the best views, amenities, drinks, and areas for an extra price. A popular way to take your tourney experience to the next level is getting a Member’s Club package. This will get you VIP access to parking, Member’s Club tents, catered lunch, drinks, and snacks, and access to the tournament for the full week. 

Pace yourself (or have a morning-after contingency plan).

It’s a lot of drinking opportunities and a very long week. We find that many people go crazy early in the week and burn out before the weekend fun – rookie mistake. The best thing you can do is pace yourself so you’re still kicking when the fun really ramps up Thursday – Sunday. And if you do happen to overdo it early on, have no fear. Planning a hangover cure like a fortifying door-to-door IV drip service will have you right as rain in just a couple of hours. 

Know where to watch.

While there are areas that promote a quieter atmosphere, you can’t go to the Waste Management Open without experiencing the 16th hole. This infamous hole is about 100x louder than any golf event you’ve experienced and brings excitement and spectacle to the sport. 

Looking for a party after the sun goes down?

Try the Coors Light Birds Nest Concert Series. One of the most anticipated parties of the year, this concert series features huge names in pop, rap, country, and more. It’s the ultimate way to keep the party going well after the last putt. 

Need a break from the sun? Watch the action on TV.

Even the most prepared partiers may not be able to last on the course for the entire week. For the days where you need to nurse a hangover, get out of the sun, or commit to a lazy morning in, you can still watch the action on TV! It’s easy to find on the local channels – check the WMPO FAQs for details on how to watch. 

things to do during the waste management phoenix open

Planning your week during the Waste Management Phoenix Open

What to Do

Sure, hanging out at the course is the main event, but mixing in some other activities throughout the week will make the event that much sweeter. If there is anything that perfectly complements a day of seeing your favorite golfers with your best friends, it’s exploring the Old Town party scene on a pedal pub crawl. 

Arizona Party Bike pedal bar crawls take a group of 14 (and if you have more, you can rent multiple bikes!) to the coolest day and nightlife in Scottsdale. Can choose between playing a round of HORSE at the trendy and lively Hot Chick or party at Pattie’s – the dollar-covered dive bar of your dreams? You can do that and more on a party bike tour. Especially if you’re new in town, a bike bar crawl is a perfect introduction to the Scottsdale party scene. 

Whether you’re planning a midday tourney pregame or want to keep the party going after the sun goes down, we HIGHLY recommend booking your party bike early. This is one of the busiest times of the year, so it’s common for us to be booked up during high-demand time slots weeks or even months in advance. 

Where to Stay

Stay where the magic happens! Regardless of your group size or plans, we always recommend keeping your accommodations as close to Old Town as possible! You’ll be within walking distance to tons of restaurants, bars, and excitement. 

For a trendy atmosphere and a great location, Sonder the Monarch is the way to go. You’re gonna want somewhere comfortable to rest your head after spending so much time in the Scottsdale sun. The Fairmont Princess is also a great option and has 6 different pools to explore. It’s also a stone’s throw from the course. And the best option of all (if you can rent one early enough) are the tons of vacation rentals with pool tables, awesome outdoor arrangements, and big enough digs for large groups to stay together. 

Where to Eat

If you’re looking for a good dinner after a long day at the course, Old Town is the place to be. For some great Asian fusion, check out SumoMaya kitchen. For a good steak and a glass of scotch, check out Bourbon and Bones. If you’re craving flavorful Mexican, Diego Pops should be your first stop.  

There is almost no wrong answer to this question, but wherever you go, make sure to get reservations early! This is one of the busiest weeks of the year in Scottsdale, so landing dinner reservations gets harder and harder the later you wait – let alone rolling up without one.

You have just a couple of days every year to enjoy this trifecta of fantastic weather, a great party scene, and, of course, the best sport in the world. Make this trip the best it can be with never-ending fun from start to finish! And if you need help planning a great Waste Management Phoenix Open after-party, reach out to our team today.

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