Customize Your Old Town Scottsdale Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again – time to plan another holiday party! You may find yourself in one of two positions:

  • Last year’s party was excellent, and you set the bar incredibly high for this year. 
  • Last year’s party flopped, and you have some redemption to chase. 

Luckily, for both of these positions, we have the solution. Our customizable holiday party experiences are made to be tailored to your group’s dream day or a night on the town. So whether you want a structured party activity or a casual cruise through Old Town Scottsdale’s Christmas lights, Arizona Party Bike can help you create your ideal day. 

Why plan a Scottsdale holiday party with Arizona Party Bike:

Scottsdale Holiday Party Activities

    • It’s fun! Your party can drink beer, wine and seltzers from our store on the bike while enjoying lively music and the Scottsdazzled light shows around town!
    • It’s customizable! Our bikes can be used for any Old Town Scottsdale itinerary you dream up.
    • It’s easy! We have streamlined the process from buying drinks to choosing bar stops, so you don’t have to agonize over any planning or logistics. 
    • It’s safe! Our pedal-powered bikes have seatbelts, electric assist motor, and are navigated by our personable and well-trained captains.


The details:

  • We can accommodate groups of up to 196 people on 14 bikes, which hold up to 14 people each.
  • Bar crawls and private parties are available 7 days a week.
  • If stopping at bars, all participants need to be 21 or older. 

It’s time to find your best ugly holiday sweater – here are some exciting and creative ways to customize your Scottsdale holiday party!

Old Town Scottsdale Christmas Lights & Holiday Parties

How To Customize your Old Town Scottsdale Holiday Party

Scottsdale Bar Crawl Through Holiday Lights

Scottsdazzled Christmas Light Show in Arizona

It doesn’t get better than our most famous offering – a classic party bike bar crawl! Starting at the Arizona Party Bike headquarters, we will load your bike up with all the drinks you want to bring along on a spirited pedal through Old Town’s Scottsdazzled Christmas lights. The bars in Old Town go all out so you’ll be riding through a winter wonderland of light shows. With the music blaring and lights flashing, your group will loosen up within seconds of hearing “Pedal pedal pedal!” 

Your group will stop at two local Old Town Bars and skip any lines and covers along the way. We will provide two drink tickets per person for an easy way to secure everyone’s drinks without busting out the company credit card! Then, after two hours of drinking, dancing and pedaling, your private party can be dropped off at any Old Town restaurant, bar or hotspot of your choosing. 

What better way to get together with family, friends, or coworkers for a holiday party?!

To Book: Simply use our online booking system to book a private party or individual seats on the Old Town Pub Crawl. Need multiple bikes for a larger group? Call us at 844-654-5544 and we’ll get your bikes booked with a 10% multi-bike discount!

Team-Building Adventure

Scottsdale Holiday Party Team Building Adventure

Looking for a day of competition, problem-solving, challenges and fun? You got it with our customizable team-building adventure. This experience comes with structured activities like:

  • The Amazing Chase
  • A Poker Rally
  • Scavenger Hunt Game

Each option includes transportation on a party bike with a dedicated party captain to keep spirits high. We also supply color-coordinated team bandanas, iPads for taking group photos, dedicated challenge stations around town complete with referees and a recap video to enjoy after the challenges. 

Your party will have a blast working together on fun challenges while enjoying drinks and music on a party bike in between!

To Book: This option is not bookable through our website. Please use the contact form at the end to inquire about this specific company teambuilder option.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Scottsdale Holiday Party Scavenger Hunt

The photo scavenger hunt/party bike combo is a crowd-pleaser that covers all of Old Town in one exciting challenge. 

Your group will leverage a custom phone app with clues and challenges to uncover and document different spots around town – all findable by party bike. As you pedal through town, groups will stop at various check-in stops operated by staff to keep the challenge on track. Once you’re done with the scavenger hunt, you can enjoy a recap video of everyone having a blast taking on the challenges. 

To Book: This option is not bookable through our website. Please use the contact form at the end to inquire about this specific company teambuilder option.

Happy Hour and Dinner

Scottsdale Holiday Party Happy Hour & Dinner

Want to enjoy the classic happy hour + dinner Scottsdale holiday party? Kick it up a notch with a party bike twist! Enjoy a party bike ride led by one of our lively party bike captains to a fantastic happy hour spot for an hour of chatting and enjoying drinks. Each individual will get one drink ticket for the delicious happy hour drink of their choice. Afterward, hop back on the bike for fun transportation to an Old Town restaurant. 

To Book: This option is not bookable through our website. Please use the contact form at the end to inquire about this specific company teambuilder option.

Family-Friendly Party Bike Activities

Old Town Scottsdale Holiday Party

Who said a family-friendly party bike activity can’t be fun? We are here to prove them wrong. Old Town Scottsdale party bike tours don’t need to center around drinking and can easily be suitable for party-goers not yet of drinking age. 

Our Old Town Scottsdale tours can feature whatever you want to include, from exploring the shopping district of Old Town to stopping at yummy Scottsdale snack spots to embarking on a pizza tour to enjoying a scenic ride through Scottsdale’s most interesting streets.

Perfectly family and kid friendly, it will still be the highlight of your Scottsdale holiday party!

Everyone knows that memories and great experiences beat material gifts every time. Treat all of your loved ones to an unforgettable time bonding and having fun in Old Town Scottsdale.  And if you need any party-planning help, reach out to our team!

Note: Due to car seat laws and safety, we cannot have children on board under the age of eight years old. Children between 8 – 11 years old must ride on the back bench, seatbelt on, with an adult next to them. Children 12+ may ride on the bike seats.

To Book: This family-friendly option is available for private parties only. Please note what you are looking to do when making your booking.


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