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Here’s the good news: it’s pretty difficult to royally mess up a day enjoying Old Town Scottsdale. Especially if you’re starting and sticking around the Old Town area, any bar, club, restaurant, barcade, or activity you take on will be pretty great. 

But here’s the better news: We are experts on Old Town Scottsdale fun, and are about to share with you the insider tips that will make your day of fun go as smooooooth as butter. 

You can’t plan a show-stopping bar crawl without knowing the ins and outs of surviving a night out in Old Town Scottsdale! Here are some insider tips that can help.

Bring Cash

Scottsdale Bar Crawl Tip: Bring Cash

Yes, it may seem a little outdated to not count on cards or ApplePay for your night out. But, there may still be times where cold hard cash comes in handy. For example, you may want to play a retro arcade game at one of the Scottsdale barcades, or need a couple of bucks for a golf cart ride. Having a bit of cash on you ensures that you’ll be able to jump on every cool Scottsdale experience that you come across. 

Early bird gets the discount

Balling on a budget? Get to the Scottsdale hotspots early. Many Scottsdale clubs that have a cover charge either let people in at a discounted rate or for free before 10 pm, so you can hit the hottest spots without the sticker shock. It may not be “cool” to arrive at a club before the party really starts, but saving money is. Bonus: There is a lot more space on the dance floor to be silly and let your dance moves fly before it starts filling up. 

Skip the flip flops

Picture this: Your group finally gets to the front of the line of one of Scottsdale’s hottest clubs. You’re about to cross the threshold into all of the fun, but Angela wore flip flops, and can’t get in. Now you’re scrambling for a way back to the hotel so Angela can change, instead of dancing and taking shots. Damn it, Angela.  

Old Town Scottsdale can be pretty laid back, but some spots stick to a dress code and won’t be lenient for flimsy excuses. While not all of the dress codes are the same per spot, play it safe by skipping the flip flops, casual shorts, and T-Shirts for something just a bit more refined. 

There’s easy transportation – use it

The biggest way you can ruin a night out in Old Town is by trying to drive when you know you shouldn’t. Old Town is already incredibly walkable, but if your end zone seems just too far out of reach, this is the perfect solution. Scottsdale has your back via golf cart! Within minutes, your group can get carted to your resting spot in Old Town, only costing a few dollars per person. 

Always Plan an X-Factor

Old Town Scottsdale Bar Crawl

“Drink-walk-drink-walk-drink-find a ride home” is fun, but it hardly ever ends up memorable. If you really want to make the most of your night out, you need an X-factor. An activity that sets it apart from any old night out – something you’ve never done. Arizona Party Bike fits that bill. Pedaling a 15-person bike with music blaring and drinking games afoot all while making friends along the way at bar stops? Consider that a night to remember. 

It’s a tough job always being on top of the trending Old Town Scottsdale fun, but someone’s gotta do it. If you’re ready to plan a day enjoying the best of Old Town Scottsdale, reach out to our team of party experts at Arizona Party Bike! 

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