Plan a Company Outing: Scottsdale Team-Building Event Ideas

Your employees have been working hard the last few years – it’s time to treat them to a team-building activity that everyone will enjoy! 

Team-building activities have several far-reaching benefits past offering your employees a good time. They can show appreciation, strengthen team relationships, improve morale, and provide new relationship-building and communication opportunities. 

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First, here are our top tips for planning a team-building event:

  • Choose an activity that is a step above an ordinary office celebration. That’s the best way to show your team that you are serious about investing in them and want to give them something special!
  • Choose a hands-on activity that gives people an ice-breaker for an off-site event. This leads to more instant conversation topics and will loosen people up faster than if they need to rely on small talk.
  • Plan an activity during business hours. That gives employees a chance to take a break from responsibilities and enjoy coworkers without cutting into their personal time. This also maximizes the number of people since work hours are already baked into their schedule. If the event is after hours, it better be good!

For more hacks on planning a great team-building activity in Scottsdale, check out this blog post on corporate event planning tips!

Now that you know how to plan your event, here are our favorite Scottsdale corporate event ideas!

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Scottsdale corporate event Ideas

Scottsdale company bar crawl

Not to toot our own horn, but our Old Town Scottsdale party bike activities check every box for a perfect company team-building activity. From drinks that’ll loosen your tie to an interactive activity to a constant change of scenery,

Our party tours are perfect for all sizes of events, and you can tailor the party bike stops to your company outing vision. For example, stop at 2 excellent bars and end the tour at a restaurant of your choice for a post-pedal meal, or take a down-to-earth Old Town winery or brewery tour. You know your team best – make it your own!

A Scottsdale hiking trip

Work with a group of adventure lovers? Head into the mountains for a hike, bike, or ride. Several fantastic guide companies are more than happy to lead your group through some of the best scenery in the Sonoran desert. Whether you want a guided hike, fat bike adventure, or hop in something with a little more horsepower, there is only fun in the desert sand. 

This option is really only viable in the early spring or late fall! If you’re planning a company event in the summer months, keep it in Old Town to stay close to air conditioning and cool drinks. 

Scottsdale Food Tour

The easiest way to get your team excited about a company outing is by promising fantastic food. Making it a food tour maximizes the tastes and the fun. Whether you want to stick with a theme like Taco Tuesday or taste appetizers from around the globe, there are more than enough fantastic Scottsdale restaurants that are ready to deliver. 

You can work with us to offer a food tour unlike any other. You can pedal and chew your way through the best food in town!

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Head to a sports game

Buy some peanuts and crackerjacks – and take your team to a game! Whether you have a group of basketball lovers or baseball fanatics, plan your event time right, and you can land affordable tickets for a home game. 

We are all about a pregame party before a big game (and are more than happy to help facilitate a tailgate)! Even non-sports lovers can quickly get into enjoying a beer and cheering for the home team when it’s in-person. 

Test your hand at a cooking class

Nothing like getting your hands a little dirty during a company event – especially if it leads to delicious food. From gourmet pasta making to baking, you can plan a private Scottsdale cooking class that everyone will enjoy. Learn a new skill, bond over mistakes, and enjoy a fun night filled with delicious food!

Have a pool party day

Planning a company off-site during the hot hot heat of summer? A lot of outdoor activities can feel off the table. But one that will always feel great on a sweltering day is a classic Scottsdale pool party. 

There are so many ways to plan a great Scottsdale pool party. You can create a private event by renting a luxury vacation home. For something luxurious and relaxing, head to Fairmont Princess for your pick between 7 pools. Check out the Wet Deck at the W for some DJ music and excitement. For a bit of everything, The Saguaro has one pool for relaxing and another for a party – your choice! Whether you want to plan a private pool party or enjoy a pool party at a beautiful hotel, you can dip your toes in some sparkling water and enjoy some time with your team. 

The best gift you can offer your team during a Scottsdale company team-building event is planning a day of stress-free fun and festivities. So spend time with your hard-working team planning the company outing they deserve! And if you need any party-planning help along the way, reach out to our team!

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