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It’s that time of year again! …For someone, probably!

Whether you love your birthday (birth-week people raise your hands) or prefer to step out of the birthday limelight, you have to admit that it’s a great reason to enjoy an afternoon or evening full of Scottsdale fun. So why not make the most of it? 

With exciting outdoor activities and lively bars, Scottsdale adult birthday parties are hard to do wrong. But, there is a recipe that creates the best-possible birthday event. Every amazing birthday party needs a good meal, a fun drink, an exciting activity, and, of course, enough to go around for your group of friends and family. Luckily, Scottsdale has tons of options for all of these!

Here are the best activities in Scottsdale for a birthday celebration that will check all of your boxes!

Ultimate Adult Birthday Party Activity in Scottsdale That Everyone Will Love

Arizona Party Bike

Scottsdale Adult Birthday Party

We would be doing you a disservice by not mentioning ourselves. Arizona Party Bike has a glowing reputation for getting the party started under any circumstance. Your birthday is on a Tuesday? We’ll transport you to a Friday night atmosphere without breaking a sweat. No matter the day of the week, the size of your birthday group, or the types of bar stops you want to make, our birthday bike bar crawls are an automatic win for every birthday group.

The Best Birthday Restaurants in Scottsdale

Toca Madera

Adult Birthday Party Restaurants in Scottsdale: Toca Madera

Toca Madera social is the best spot for people who enjoy a dramatic birthday celebration. With gorgeous live trees and sparkling lights hanging in the dining room, the romantic-bordering-on-sensual atmosphere caters perfectly to a small and intimate gathering or a large group. The food is on another level, from fresh oysters to creative tacos to drinks so beautiful they’re almost a crime to ingest. If you have a very large party or just feel extra, you can reserve parts of the restaurant just for you and your group to enjoy. 

Social Tap Eatery

Social Tap Eatery: Adult Birthday Party

We love Social Tap Eatery for the laid-back atmosphere and high expectations for the quality of food. Social Tap Eatery takes its menu seriously with all creations made from scratch. But the uptight-ness ends there. The vibe at Social Tap is easy-going, energetic, and perfect for those who want to both eat and play. This restaurant is huge, so no matter the size of your birthday group they got you covered (as long as you rang them in advance). And with 30+ TVs showing the most popular games and fights, you can bet your night will be a blast. 

Barrio Queen

Want to spice up your adult birthday bash? Barrio Queen will deliver not only amazing flavors but a vibrant atmosphere perfect for amping up your celebration. We love how they have plates perfect for sharing, like the queso fundido or barrio papas, as well as plates you’ll definitely want to keep to yourself. 

And if you’re looking for a to-go option perfect for large groups, get Barrio Queen mini-catering like build-your-own tacos or the family platter! 

The Best Bars in Scottsdale for a Birthday Cheers

Blue Clover Distillery

Blue Clover Scottsdale Birthday Party

If the birthday person is a spirits connoisseur, Blue Clover Distillery is a must-stop on your birthday rampage around Old Town Scottsdale. Blue Clover Distillery is the first micro-distillery in Old Town Scottsdale, and the accolades don’t stop there. Their award-winning spirits span classic flavors as well as inventive fusions perfect for tasting.

On top of that, On many days in the week, Blue Clover Distillery keeps the doors open until 1 am! So no need to stick to a standard distillery schedule of going home at 8 or 9 – the party can continue into the morning hours!

Beverly on Main

Beverly on Main Scottsdale

With cocktail names like “Pirate Hooker” and “M.I.L.F”, you’re sure to have a good time. Beverly on Main may have cheeky names, but the environment feels classy AF. This speak-easy-style spot feels intimate and energetic, perfect for setting the tone of the rest of your birthday bash. The plush couches, gold-plated ceilings, and classy-library feel is the perfect setting for showing off your sexy birthday outfit (not to be confused with your sexy birthday suit). 

Even if you only come for a single luxury cocktail, it will definitely be a memorable birthday moment many steps above your standard night out. 

Shade Lounge

Shade Lounge Scottsdale birthday Party

Want to step it up a notch and feel like an A-lister on your birthday celebration, Shade Lounge should be at the top of your list. Shade Lounge has no shortage of VIP events and live beats. This luxury pool party is full of opportunities to take your night to the next level, from bottle service to private VIP tables. 

This clubbing experience will have enough live DJs, dancing, drinks, and fun to quench your nightlife thirst for a long time. Dress to the nines and have the red carpet rolled out for you the entire night. 

You may be one year older, but you’re also one year wiser. And wise people know that an awesome birthday will make you feel better about entering a shiny new age and kick it off right. Ready to plan a birthday bash the easy way? Hit up our team to take on all of the party logistics with a party bike tour!

Scottsdale Adult Birthday Party

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