Scottsdale New Year’s Eve Activities Perfect to Welcome the New Year

Grab your NYE glasses, brew some extra caffeine, and find your final kiss of the year – it’s almost time to celebrate New Year’s Eve! With all of the fun things to do during New Year’s Eve in Scottsdale, it will be a piece of cake staying up until the ball drops.

Plan a creative cheers to the new year with friends and family! With mild winter weather, fun bars, and tons of people looking for a great time, our little city is a great spot to welcome a new year. 

Scottsdale New year's eve activities

But first, a couple of ‘New Year’s Eve in Scottsdale’ Tips:

  • Once it gets closer to midnight, choose one place and stick to it! Thanks to the crowded nightlife and popular party atmosphere, if you don’t get to a place early enough, you just may ring in the new year standing in a long club line. 
  • Expect a higher cover charge in most places! Especially the clubs throwing big NYE events. They’re putting out all of the stops to throw an amazing party, so they will be charging accordingly. Don’t get sticker shock as you reach the front door – either expect the price or choose to celebrate somewhere free!
  • Not all parties are the same. So, make sure you know what kind of party you’re walking into. If you want to stay away from the sweaty, shot-filled party, there are more sophisticated soirees to discover. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it in Scottsdale! 

So, let’s plan a memorable New Year’s Eve celebration in Scottsdale!

Book a Scottsdale New Year's Eve party

The NYE pregame activity

You and your friends planning on walking to 1 or 2 bars before midnight? That’s pretty fun. But, it could be way better. With a pedal pub crawl, your entire group of friends and family can pedal through the best bars and pubs in Old Town, Scottsdale. From VIP drinks deals to a wildly fun way to get from bar to bar, an Arizona Party Bike bar crawl will be a perfect finale on the last day of the year. 

Since it’s one of the most popular Scottsdale New Year’s Eve activities, we highly recommend booking your ideal day or night party as early as you can! There’s only one New Year’s Eve each year, so make it count with your perfect Scottsdale bar crawl.


Scottsdale New Year's Eve Activities - Toca Madera

Enjoy a fantastic gourmet dinner with a bang

If you get your reservations in early enough, you have a dramatic extravaganza of gourmet food ahead of you. Scottsdale restaurants pack a punch, and they just may be pulling out all the stops this NYE! If you’re looking for gilded decor, a sexy atmosphere, and beautiful trees in the dining room, Toca Madera will deliver all of that and more. They host a New Year’s Eve event complete with party favors, DJs, and fire dancers (of course). With all of the creative and mouth-watering dishes available, everyone will find a new favorite food. And make sure you order a dessert! 

For something a little less fancy but just as flavorful, Diego Pops is a no-brainer. This casual yet completely trendy taco spot is perfect to get full bellies before the party really starts. Don’t sleep on the boozy watermelon slushie! 

One more spot to certainly check out if you’re looking for a luxurious, Italian-inspired splurge, is Nonna Urban Eatery. Nonna offers an NYE multi-course menu that you will be thinking about for the next 365 days. 

Scottsdale New Year's Eve activities - clubs

Nightclub events

Post up at one of Scottsdale’s best nightclubs for the big countdown and new year’s kiss! With drinks flowing and music pumping, it’s the perfect atmosphere to let go of the last year and party into the new one. 

Clubbing isn’t just for the youngsters anymore. The DoubleTree Resort grand ballroom hosts a “Baby Boomer” NYE dinner and dance extravaganza that has classic rock, Motown, and soul music. Wasted Grain is also a great spot to find yourself around midnight! Presented by Up In Lights, this club hosts a huge New Year’s Eve party with multiple DJs, table packages, and a free drink with every ticket. The Talking Stick Resort is also full of over-the-top flair when it comes to a glitzy New Year’s Eve! 

Don’t let the long list of things to do on NYE overwhelm you! From rowdy to glam, pick the kind of party you want to celebrate, and you’ll find just the right amount of Scottsdale New Year’s activities to experience. And if you want a little help taking your New Year’s Eve to the next level with a party bike bar crawl, reach out to our team

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