Bachelor Party Ideas
In Scottsdale, Arizona

Grab a RedBull and buckle up, because only the strong of heart and liver can survive a bachelor party weekend in Scottsdale. 

Why a Scottsdale Bachelor Party?

Scottsdale Bachelor Party in Arizona

A lot of people trash talk about Scottsdale, saying either it caters to bachelorette parties more, or it’s too full of ‘fratty’ guys.

To that, we say… yep. Bars full of fun-loving and wildly flirty bachelorette groups are our ideal situation. And who do I call when I want to rage for the last time as a single man? The frattiest guys I know. I see your two complaints and raise you two more reasons for a Scottsdale bachelor party.

Yeah, some think that you need to buy a ticket to Vegas to throw a rowdy bachelor party from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. That’s a great way to blow thousands at a casino and drunkenly give your wedding ring to a stripper. (True stories. Probably.) 

Genuine bachelor party connoisseurs know that Scottsdale is the new hotspot for wild party scenes, adrenaline junkie desert adventures, and top-rated meals. On top of that, Scottsdale bars and clubs are packed with the hottest girls in the west. We don’t question it, we just count our blessings.

Have we convinced you to buy your plane ticket for a Scottsdale bachelor party yet? If so, here are our favorite Scottsdale clubs, restaurants, activities, and accommodations for a weekend you’ll never forget. 

Things to Know Before Planning a Scottsdale Bachelor Party

Don’t look like an amateur when planning your Scottsdale bachelor party. Follow a few simple expert tips, and you’re good as gold. 

  • Book in advance. One lame time slot for an activity can throw off the rest of your day, from pushing back dinner to not leaving enough time to get ready for a night out. It sucks to feel rushed or just out of whack from a weird schedule, so the second you know what you want to do, book it and get the best possible game plan. 
  • I’m not going to sugarcoat it. If you’re planning a summer bachelor party in Scottsdale, you’re gonna sweat your balls off. There’s still a ton of fun to be had, but plan your dusty desert adventure for the morning and reward yourself with a refreshing pool party after. 
  • Are you planning to drink this trip? You better be pounding water. Direct sunlight, hot hot days, and endless drinks are all the ingredients you need for a wicked hangover that floors you for the rest of the weekend. If you want to rally, drink twice the amount of water you usually drink on a night out. 

Best Bachelor Party Activities

Arizona Party Bike

Scottsdale Bachelor Party - Arizona Party Bike

If you want a party bus experience without feeling like you’re sitting in a car for fun, our party bike tours are perfect.  Don’t sleep on the chance to drink at, to, and from the bars. Our 14-person bikes and party guide will take you to the best bars in Scottsdale, get you great drinks deals, and no need to stop in-between! You can drink and party on the bike as well. The definition of working smarter, not harder. 


Golf at The Four Seasons Scottsdale

Golfing for Scottsdale Bachelor Party

Nurse a hangover with the hair of the dog and a round at The Four Seasons Scottsdale. This majestic desert oasis is a great spot to shoot the shit and catch up with any long-distance buddies in your bachelor party. Enjoy the views and the brews while working on your swing and catching your breath from the previous night. 

We Do Men Spa

We Do Men Spa in Scottsdale AZ

A male concept spa is just about as awesome as it sounds. Skip the perfume-y fluff of a standard spa and replace it with musk, Frank Sinatra, and male-centric offerings. But keep the amazing massages. We Do Men Spa specializes in treatments that cater specifically to men, from brow, nose, and ear hair grooming to a pumpkin sake bomb chemical peel. On top of that, We Do Men offers group packages specifically for bachelors wanting to look their best for the big day. 

Best Scottsdale Restaurants for a Bachelor Party

Old Town Tortilla Factory

Scottsdale Bachelor Party - Tortilla Factory

From rows and rows of tequila to breezy outdoor seating, the Old Town Tortilla Factory doesn’t disappoint for a bachelor party feast. You get all of the flavors of a high-class meal without the cramped dining rooms and tiny portions that leave you wanting more. We love the spacious dining area, tons of meat cuts to choose from, and endless flavors of margaritas. 

Culinary Dropout

Scottsdale Bachelor Culinary Drop Out

Ya gotta respect the hustle, especially when the hustle includes 36-hour pork ribs. Culinary Dropout at the Old Town Scottsdale Waterfront makes first-class food without the need to wear a tie or spend a full day’s paycheck. From ribs to steak frites to pretzel bites to nachos, you’re not gonna have a bad time here.

Second Story Restaurant and Liquor Bar

Scottsdale Bachelor Party

Get a sexy speakeasy feel while enjoying an incredible meal. With moody lighting and a cushy atmosphere, Second Story Restaurant and Liquor Bar is a local favorite for a nice night out on the town. Gorg on mussels, beef tartare, pork belly, and pate while enjoying drinks with names like “Nightmare in Paradise” and “Silvertongue”, and accept your new role as a James Bond villain. 

Bourbon and Bones

Bourbon & Bones: Scottsdale Bachelor Party

Sometimes, you just need a really great steak. Bourbon and Bones can deliver the cuts of meat you’ve been dreaming of and pair it perfectly with a spirit list of over 600 types of bourbon, whiskey, and Scotch. The snore-inducing environment of a standard steakhouse is turned on its head for an energetic, upscale ambiance. Enjoy grilled octopus, Wagyu beef cooked at your table on a hot rock, fresh oysters, bone marrow, porterhouse, and other delicacies that will stick to your ribs. 

Best Nightlife for a Scottsdale Bachelor Party

From pool parties to pub crawls, there is a party scene everywhere you look in Old Town. Here are our favorite drinking spots for a bachelor party in Scottsdale.

Maya Day & Night Club

Scottsdale Bachelor Party: Maya Club

You can’t beat the heat, so you may as well enjoy it at a giant pool party. Giant fish bowls, pool games, bikinis, a party that literally goes from day to night… What’s not to love? Maya Day & Night Club is a must-see on the Scottsdale party list for everyone, so you can bet that whenever you visit, it will be packed with other fun-lovers. 

Fox Cigar Bar

Fox Cigar Bar Scottsdale AZ

Is there a better way to commemorate your last days of singlehood than with a high-quality stogie with your best men? The Fox Cigar Bar pairs fine cigars with custom leather chairs, high-class spirits. The bartenders really know what they’re talking about and provide great recommendations if you’re coming in a little green. With TVs, cigar talk, good vibes everywhere, you can accidentally spend too many hours here. 

Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row

Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row Scottsdale AZ

Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row is an iconic stop for anyone visiting Scottsdale for a good night out. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the awesome live music, outdoor hanging areas, amazing drinks, and hot bartenders, there’s something for everyone here. Thursday nights are live music nights, Friday nights usually host great acoustic happy hours, and a wild party all weekend long. 

Scottsdale Bachelor Party Accommodations

Talking Stick Resort

Talking Stick Resort & Casino - Scottsdale Bachelor Party

Want to be in the thick of it the second you step out of your hotel room? Are you a betting man? The Talking Stick Resort and Casino will ensure that you’re seconds away from the best gambling, partying, and events in the Scottsdale area. While this spot isn’t the closest to the bar scene, if you play your cards right you can plan your Scottsdale bachelor party weekend around a concert that features your all-time favorite musicians, comedians, and DJs.

Rebl Rentals

Platinum Experience Rentals for Bachelor party

If your guys want to ball out with a private pool, Rebl Rentals can hook you up without draining your wallet. From tons of size and price options to having some space to pregame to ensuring no one has to sleep on a hotel room floor, Rebl Rentals is the way to go for larger groups. Here’s just one example of a house near downtown that has a pool, billiards table, grill, and sleeps 14!

Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale Bachelor Party

If a bedroom is just to sleep in and you want to focus on party convenience, just make sure to check out all of the chain hotel options that are in Old Town Scottsdale. Don’t be the amateur that books a crap hotel where you need to take a 10 minute uber just to find a decent beer. There are several options to choose from of all price ranges, and as long as you stay in the Old Town Scottsdale bubble, you’ll be satisfied with the location and proximity to the party and food scene. 

If you’re planning a Scottsdale bachelor party, get ready for a weekend packed with partying and adventure. Also, make sure to budget in a couple of days post-party to reanimate yourself after the bachelor debauchery. No matter how long it takes you to recover, we promise the weekend will have been well worth it. 

Don’t plan a Scottsdale bachelor party without an Arizona Party Bike tour. Reach out to our expert partiers to plan an event that your guys will never forget (until that 7th tequila shot hits).

Bachelor Party - Arizona Party Bike

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