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Bar Crawl

Maybe it’s because of the constant sunshine. Maybe it’s the continuous buzz of a college town. Whatever the reason, the result is that Tucson knows how to have a good time. 

While tons of spots rock the college hangout atmosphere, that’s not all you’ll get during a Tucson bar crawl. Tucson nightlife chooses to color outside the box by offering all types of nights out, from western saloons to luxury lounges to high-energy dance clubs. You can find bar stops that boast unique mixology creations, tropical tiki adventures, and fun adult playgrounds – if you know where to look. 

Our life’s mission is to know the ins and outs of Tucson nightlife so well that we could deliver an amazing bar crawl tour with our eyes closed. We won’t close our eyes, because it’s a driving hazard for our party bike guides, but the sentiment holds true. 

We have found, partied at, and enjoyed every nook and cranny of Tucson, and here is our list of star players that we just can’t get enough of. It also doesn’t hurt that if you visit these bars on a downtown Tucson party bike tour, you get to take advantage of our awesome drink specials. 

So grab your koozie, round up your friends, and hydrate in preparation for a wild night out on the ultimate Tucson bar crawl!

Gentle Ben’s Brewing

Gentle Ben's Brewing: Tucson Bar Crawl

AZ Party Bike drink specials: $4 drafts & well liquor

At Gentle Ben’s Brewing, you can order a great drink with a side of community history. The original Gentle Ben’s Brewing building was once a haven for students and soldiers in World War II, a sorority and fraternity house, and the official residence of U of A students before it became a local community hotspot. While they are now in a new spot, thanks to the support of Tucsonians, Gentle Ben’s has been able to expand while still holding on strong to their community values. 

This Tucson brewery offers amazing food all day long from brunch to lunch to dinner. Beers span the board from light and fruity to dark and strong and there are tons of creative cocktails to explore. The indoor/outdoor seating and industrial style offer a great scene for hanging out finding new friends and just enjoying a Tucson day out. If you’re looking for a casual, friendly atmosphere to enjoy in Tucson, keep an eye out for the giant wooden bear that welcomes you into Gentle Ben’s Brewing!

Illegal Pete’s

Illegal Pete's Tucson Bar Crawl

AZ Party Bike drink specials: All-day happy hour + chips and salsa

Illegal Pete’s deals in life’s three most important B’s: Beers, Burritos, and Buddies. Even the employees are having fun chatting with customers while serving amazing food and stiff drinks. With a deep connection to the community and other local businesses, this fun-loving spot is not one to shy away from a party. How can you when there are chips and queso always at your fingertips? 

Illegal Pete’s is perfect for when you want loud music, great drinks, and a casual, affordable, semi-wild afternoon or evening with your friends. People come for the drinks and return for the prices, large portions, and overall awesome community vibe. 

If you stop by, we recommend trying the Pete’s Party Marg for when you are feeling rowdy.  But whatever you try, you can’t go wrong at a place where you can double fist a beer and a burrito.

The Boxyard

The Boxyard: Tucson Bar Crawl

AZ Party Bike drink specials: All-day happy hour + $1 off wells and drafts

With vibrant colors, cool artwork, rooftop views, and an “adult playground” personality, The Boxyard doesn’t mess around when it comes to messing around. The bright shipping containers make it feel like there’s something fun around every corner and the snack vendors are straight out of a comfort food fever dream. 

We love this spot for when you want to shed your “mature” tendencies and play like a child again for an afternoon. Thanks to the delicious food vendors, great brews, lovely cocktails, and tons of space to hang, it’s easy to forget the concept of time and spend the whole day at The Boxyard.

The Hut

The Hut: Tucson Bar Crawl

AZ Party Bike drink specials: $4 you call it, $13 fish bowls

Looking for some serious fun? The GIANT Easter Island head is a pretty good indicator that you’ve made it to the right place. With a fun bar, tons of beer, live music, events, The Hut should be at the top of your list for a rowdy time drinking and dancing. The outdoor bar is the perfect oasis from the hot Tucson heat and the yard games give you the perfect icebreaker for meeting new friends. It also has a dance floor both inside and outside and tons of seating for dance breaks. 

The dive bar island vibes and giant fishbowl tropical drinks will have you wearing your metaphorical (or literal) Hawaiian shirts. The next time you’re craving a tropical vacation that isn’t happening anytime soon, satisfy your craving by getting your tiki on at The Hut. 


O'Malleys: Tucson Bar Crawl

AZ Party Bike drink specials: $1 off drafts & well liquor

Here’s a bar that pairs well with the Jameson in your cup. 

Enjoy an Irish pub in the heart of Tucson! If you want a great spot to watch the big game, enjoy quality pub food, and people-watch in a local college atmosphere, O’Malley’s is the bar to visit. We love this spot for its impressive happy hour specials and endless social opportunities. 

Different times of the day hosts different vibes – the early afternoon is a great time to enjoy a cold beer and a great burger in a laid-back atmosphere. Head there in the evening, and you’ll find a rowdy night out. You can play a round of pool with some new friends, enjoy a long list of drink options, and cheer on whatever team you please (though you may get some friendly banter if it’s a Tucson rival).


Highwire: Tucson Bar Crawl

AZ Party Bike drink specials: 20% off everything (except food)

If you’re looking to sip on an experience and enjoy a lively lounge atmosphere, make sure to visit Highwire Lounge on your Tucson Bar Crawl. 

With the exposed brick, spacious courtyard, and drink options like you haven’t experienced, the second you step into Highwire you know it’ll be a unique experience. Gone are the days when you shudder after a shot – The molecular mixology experts at Highwire offer bright little pearl shots by the spoonful in awesome flavors that look adorable and go down so smooth. The molecular creations list showcases vodka caviar spheres and cotton candy glitter bombs you can try without breaking the bank. 

Ten55 Brewing

Ten55 Tucson Bar Crawl

AZ Party Bike drink specials: All-day happy hour

Ten55 Brewing was built on a love of friendship, community, and really good beer. With a classic exposed brick style and a dedication to pairing high-quality drinks with delicious food, it has an atmosphere that embodies the “come on in and stay a while!” attitude.

1055 Brewing is centrally located in the heart of historic downtown Tucson, so this is the perfect place to kick off your Tucson bar crawl. If you get a serious craving for something fried on your adventure (as you should), the 1055 Belgian fries and chipotle aioli will satisfy your craving and then some. 

An epic Tucson bar crawl can go in many directions – make sure to choose the right one for you and your group! Enjoy planning your Old Town Adventure, and reach out to us for help with the party game plan. Whether you want to choose every bar crawl stop or relax and have us manage the evening, our party bike guides will take you through the best party scenes in Tucson. Reach out to book your ideal night out today!

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