Our Commitment to Safety

Re-Opening With New Safety & Sanitizing Protocols

First of all, we are so happy to be able to re-open and provide a safe, fun experiences for our awesome guests! Our whole crew is excited to be back helping you party!

We are are now open for business! We have implemented a flexible cancellation policy now so that you can reserve your preferred time slot worry free!

We take issues of public health very seriously and our team is dedicated to the safety of our guests and staff. We have trained our staff to implement a wide range of hygiene and sanitation procedures so that you can feel comfortable and safe going out and having fun out with your group again. We have also created some new options that let you spend more time on the bike and outdoors!

Please find our updates protocols below which are now in effect. You can now book your party any time!

Note: Everyone in your group should bring a mask. Masks are not required while drinking or eating on the party bike. However, masks are now required to enter our bar partners in all cities in Arizona as of June 19, but they can be taken off when drinking / eating in our partners. If you do not have a mask, we will provide one for you.

Itinerary Changes

  • Private groups. Private groups may still book the entire bike.
  • Pub crawl (by the seat) changes. When individual seats are booked for multiple small groups, we will limit capacity to 10 seats and two small groups to ensure physical distance between groups. To maximize guest comfort, we are making all reservations of 8 or more people private automatically at no additional cost.
  • Bar partner changes. You must wear your mask when entering our partners but can take it off when drinking/eating. Our partners can only sit ten people to a table currently, but can still sit larger groups at tables near each other. We are focusing on partners with large outdoor areas to maximize comfort.
  • New outdoor options! When booking for your group, we now have a variety of options you can select outside of a bar crawl, including a mural tour, scavenger hunt, and family friendly options. We recognize a lot of you want some new options for getting out!
  • New pub crawl options! For those who want the pub crawl (as many of you do), we have great partnerships with bars that have outdoor patios and to-go options for our guests. We can also spend more time on the bike and make stops outside!

Guest & Staff Safety Measures

  • Awareness of new safety measures. Our staff will make sure to educate your group of all of our safety measures before getting your party started, including the ones on this page.
  • Bikes thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We have always had strict cleaning protocols for our bikes, and now we are taking it to the next level. Not only are we thoroughly cleaning the bikes in between groups and at each stop, we are using an industrial disinfectant and high-volume “fogger” for optimum cleaning power and thorough disinfection.
  • Provide hand sanitizer for everyone. We are happy to share! Our staff will be using it and sharing it frequently with you.
  • Employee hygiene. All staff will wear masks, frequently use hand sanitizer, and clean the bikes and coolers with care. There will be times when the driver will not wear a mask, like when speaking and going over the rules, but will maintain appropriate distance. We understand this is can be a little weird, but it lets us operate and party with you!
  • Temperature and symptom checks. We will conduct a temperature and symptom check of all staff before their shift and send them home if they don’t meet the guidelines.

Guest Recommendations

The following are actions that guests can take to stay safe while having fun:

  • Wash and sanitize hands frequently.
  • Space out seating and re-use the same seats.
  • Focus on outdoor bars and stops rather than indoor.
  • Make sure everyone participating is symptom-free prior to arrival.
  • Use gloves and masks, at your discretion.

Flexible Cancellations

Be at ease! If future mandated closures occur that affect your reservation, you will receive an offer of a voucher or full refund, at your discretion. We want you to know that you can feel safe booking with us just in case the government sees the need to shut things down again!

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