30th Birthday Party Ideas in Tucson, AZ2022-10-05T11:38:49-07:00

Best 30th Birthday Party Ideas in Tucson, AZ

Thirty, flirty, and thriving! Plan a Tucson 30th birthday bash that rings in your new decade.

Scottsdale 30th birthday party

Turning 30 may be scary, but we promise – the fun has just begun. With the most exciting and fun 30th birthday Tuscon can offer, you’ll welcome the new decade with open arms. 

Celebrate the dirty 30s with the coolest birthday bash in Tucson. Arizona Party Bike will roll you through all of the best Tucson nightlife as you enjoy cold drinks with your friends and family. From testing the VIP drinks specials to partying at the best bars, a pedal bar party will prove there are still some shenanigans to get into! 

Tucson 30th Birthday Party Highlights:

  • We cater to all group sizes. Plan a large group private event or make new friends on a public bar crawl with a small group! 
  • Skip the busy bar lines and cover charges!
  • You bring along your favorite drinks, choose your favorite tunes, play your favorite drinking games, and hit the spots of your choice! You can even decorate the bike to get extra attention for your Tucson 30th birthday party. There are tons of ways to customize your bar bike.

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The Tucson bike bar holds up to 15 people for private parties. For groups that need more than one bar bike or extended time, please give us a call. Smaller groups can book individual seats on the Old Pueblo Tucson Pub Crawl!