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Plan a Wild Tucson
4th of July Party

Celebrate your Tucson 4th of July party with us!

  • 4th of July Pedal Pub Crawl

So, you’re planning a Tucson 4th of July party to honor the ol’ Founding Fathers. During this hot hot heat, you need something to keep your party happy and hydrated (hopefully with a tall, cool beer). That’s where our pedal bar parties come in to save the day! 

Listen to classic USA anthems and pedal to the best bars in Tucson that are more than happy to pour you an icy-cold beverage. There is no limit to the number of times you can jam to “Born in the USA” while pedaling through the Tucson streets!

So grab your fellow countrymen and let’s pedal in the name of the ol’ red, white, and blue!

Tucson 4th of July Party Highlights:

  • We cater to all group sizes. Plan a large group private tour or make new friends on a public 4th of July bar crawl with a small group! 
  • Skip the busy bar lines and cover charges, and enjoy some VIP drink specials!
  • You bring your favorite drinks, choose your favorite tunes, play your favorite drinking games, and hit the spots of your choice! You can even decorate the bike to get extra attention for your Tucson 4th of July party. There are tons of ways to customize your Independence Day party. 

Choose Your Booking Option Below

The Tucson pedal tavern holds up to 15 people for private parties. For groups that need more than one bar bike or extended time, please give us a call. We have 12 party bikes available for large groups up to 180 people. Smaller groups can book individual seats on the Old Town Pub Crawl!

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