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  • Family Friendly Tours on Arizona Party Bike

Our adults-only party bike pub crawls are pretty amazing. But did you know that our party bikes are a great option for a family-friendly adventure, too?

We love celebrating teen birthday parties, big family reunions, or any reason that families come together for a good time. From older adults to children as young as eight, everyone will love pedaling on a party bike. The pedaling seats may be too tall for the smaller humans, but they can easily join the fun from the non-pedaling seats in the back! 

With all of the fun restaurants or dessert shops you can find in Tucson, there’s no shortage of great, family-friendly stops to explore. Or just have a blast listening to Justin and Ariana while rolling through the streets!

Tucson family-friendly Party Highlights:

  • From ice cream parlors to Pizza shops, our private pedal parties can take you to the food or dessert of your choice!
  • We cater to all family group sizes. Your private family-friendly activity can be for a small family or a multiple-bike family reunion.
  • Yes – older kids can ride on the bike!
  • Choose your favorite tunes, play your favorite games, and hit the spots of your choice! You can even decorate the bike to get extra attention for themed parties. There are tons of ways to customize your family-friendly activity. 

Choose Your Booking Option Below

The Scottsdale pedal tavern holds up to 15 people for private parties. For groups that need more than one bar bike or extended time, please give us a call. We have 12 party bikes available for large groups up to 180 people. Smaller groups can book individual seats on the Old Town Pub Crawl!

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