Best Things To Do During Scottsdale Spring Training

Being in Scottsdale during MLB Cactus League Spring Training should be at the top of every baseball lover’s bucket list. The affordable game tickets are just the start – there’s something very exciting about being able to see your favorite teams and players in a practice setting. It almost feels like a behind-the-scenes sneak peeks into the season, finding out the players to watch before anyone else. 

Seeing your favorite teams play in person? Amazing. Affordable tickets? Life-changing. Over 200 games to choose from? It doesn’t get any better than that.

People travel far and wide to experience MLB training season in Arizona – so finding other ways to enjoy the trip to Scottsdale will make it that much more memorable! From choosing the best location to stay at to finding activities for in-between games, you’re in for a whole lot more than just the MLB Spring Training games!

Things to do during Spring training in Scottsdale

Tips for watching MLB Spring Training

Prioritize your ideal Spring Training games

There are 200+ opportunities to see games over the span of 2 months. You have your favorite teams you need to see, and you may even be able to catch a rival game. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it – so plan accordingly! 

Buying tickets early? Have a flexible schedule

If you check too far in advance, you’ll see that you can buy tickets for ‘time TBD games.’ If you go for the early ticket route, make sure your schedule is flexible enough to make the game!

Looking for cheap fun? Sit on the lawn

While the best seat in the house may be behind home plate, you will have just as much fun for half the price on the lawn. This is the cheapest spot to enjoy the game. You may be farther away, but stretching out on a lawn chair or blanket makes the game 

Can’t get enough of the games? Buy season tickets

As far as season tickets go, this is an affordable one! Season tickets start at just under $500 and get you access to specific team games. This can also get you VIP access to the best seats, early ticket reservations, and parking. If you are planning on living at the fields this Spring Training, this is the option for you.

Different teams play in different locations

While all of the teams in the cactus league are within driving distance of each other, understanding your favorite team’s home field will help you find the best area to stay! The Giants, Rockies, and Diamondbacks all play within Scottsdale limits. The Dodgers, White Sox, and Mariners are all on the other side of the valley. If you’re coming in from out of town, keep that in mind when choosing accommodations! 

best things to do during spring training in scottsdale

Make a weekend of MLB Spring Training

Where to stay

Staying in Scottsdale for your Cactus League MLB Spring Training event will keep you in a central location for many of the fields, or at the very least, keep you in a very fun place before and after your commute to the game. 

When it comes to a great, spacious, private accommodation, a vacation rental is a way to go. Even in March, you just may get time to appreciate a private pool. And the shared living space for any group traveling makes the post-game discussion that much more comfortable. 

As for hotels, several centrally-located gems range from budget (Aloft Scottsdale) to trendy (The Saguaro) to luxury (Fairmont Princess).

You can find tons of accommodations in Scottsdale, but make sure it is close to the Old Town action. As far as town sights go, this is the place to be. It also makes walking to the best Scottsdale restaurants and bars a snap. 

Buy more than peanuts and crackerjacks

A day full of field food is great, but you will probably want to round your ball day out with a really great dinner. 

If you’re in the mood for a leveled-up ballpark frank, Brat Haus is the place to go. Brat Haus is a popular casual, dog-friendly eatery with outdoor seating, a selection of house-made mustards, and the highest-quality brats you can find. It’s an ideal atmosphere to analyze teams and discuss upcoming games – and chances are there will be tons of other friendly people doing the same!

If you don’t want to choose between quality and quantity, the Old Town Tortilla Factory will deliver. With huge plates of mouth-watering Mexican dishes, tons of outdoor seating space, and margaritas for days, this is a great restaurant to get more than your fill of amazing food. Hang out under the strings of outdoor lights and reminisce on our favorite MLB moments!

MLB Spring Training Scottsdale

Plan an MLB pregame or after party

A game only lasts a few hours, but the party can continue. Whether you want to plan a pregame event or keep the fun flowing after the big game, pedal pub crawls with Arizona Party Bike will take your party to the next level. You will visit 2-3 bars, but the real fun happens during the commute. You can pedal and drink on a bike that fits up to 15 people! So, grab some fellow baseball fans to hit up some of the best party spots in Scottsdale.

Thanks to the mild weather and baseball excitement the sports bars are in full swing this time of year. RockBar may be smaller, but it packs a punch with live music and a rooftop bar. Boondocks has TVs and projectors playing different games everywhere you look. Old Town is a sports-lovers paradise – and the best way to get from bar to bar is by pedaling with your friends in tow and a cold beer in hand! 

Take a couple of swings yourself

Nothing makes you miss little league quite like MLB Spring Training. If you and your friends want to relive your glory days playing some ball, head to the batting cages! 

There are a few batting cages around town to check out. Smash House is open to the public and rents out batting cages by the hour, so you and your friends can flex your pitching and hitting muscles in a casual environment. 

Try an Iconic Hike

Camelback mountain is surprisingly pleasant to visit during the early spring. It is a rare time in Scottsdale when you can take a late morning or midday hike without overheating – so take advantage of it! The unique cacti and red rock make this area perfect for short but beautiful little hikes – and you can choose a trail that matches your preference on difficulty level! 

Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day

If you planned right, you will celebrate Spring Training and St. Patrick’s Day all in one trip. Can you name a more iconic duo? Go all out with your green, find some green-tinted beer, and witness a famous (or infamous) St. Patrick’s Day parade. And you can’t celebrate St. Paddy’s day without heading to Scottsdale’s most popular Irish pub, Pattie’s! Here’s a tip – Pattie’s is best visited on a party bike tour!

If you can’t get enough baseball in your life, Scottsdale in early spring is your “Field of Dreams.” Make your baseball trip memorable with a bar crawl worthy of the sport! If you need help planning your MLB Spring Training weekend in Scottsdale, reach out to our team

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