Embarrassing Mistakes to Avoid on Your Party Bike

You know those cringey moments that keep you up at night? Us too. If only someone could catch you before they ever happen. 

Well, when it comes to preparing for your party bike tour, we can! 

These are the most common party fouls that our party bikers commit. Some of these are minor to moderate inconveniences to solve. Others will keep you from ever getting on the bike. Don’t be these people!

We can’t undo the “great pantsing debacle of 2011.” But we can make sure that your party bike tour rolls as smoothly as possible. 

Here are the top party fouls to avoid on a party bike tour!

Bringing glass on the party bike

No matter where you go, bringing glass bottles on a party bike is a no-no. Clumsy people and road hazards should explain quite well why that is a big no-no on the party bike!

Showing up hammered for your party bike

We don’t recommend a major pregame for our party bike tours because you need your wits about you to move the party bike.

Yes, of course we endorse enjoying adult beverages on our bikes! Relax and unwind after a long day. Loosen up a little. Get your freak on. But what we don’t endorse is being so drunk you fall off of the seats. 

But don’t fret – if there’s anything we can promise you, it’s several opportunities to have a cold drink. From the (canned) libations on board to the awesome drinks our bar partners can whip up, you’ll never go thirsty. 

So don’t overdo it before you ever make it to the bike!

Bring your ID! (Your Real ID)

Unless you’re swapping bar stops for ice cream parlors and pizza stops, you’re not going to get a minor on a party bike pub crawl. 

You need to show your ID to join our pub crawls, and our team can sniff out fake IDs quick as a wink. So if you’re trying to fly under the radar, get ready for a world of disappointment when you’re left behind. No refunds.

So if you’re 21 or over, make sure to bring your ID to get on the bike! 

Not calling the Uber early

There’s nothing worse than the “oh crap oh crap oh crap, we’re late” feeling. 

We cannot stress this enough – the easiest way to ruin your party bike tour is by not showing up on time. 

Ubers are taking a lot longer to pick up these days. We highly recommend scheduling your Uber pick-up sooner rather than later, especially if you need multiple cars to get your entire group to the rendezvous. It can easily take 15-30 minutes to get an Uber or Lyft these days – so don’t hedge your bets at the risk of missing your party bike!

Not having a confirmed ride home

Your best friend is your Designated Driver. 

Whether that’s an Uber, a golf cart driver, or the sober pub crawl mom of the night, get home in one piece with a confirmed ride home! 

The last thing anyone wants is someone on the road that really shouldn’t be – so don’t assume that someone will be able to drive home after participating in a party bike pub crawl.

So let’s give our designated drivers a cheer and buy them diet cokes all night long!

Not reading your confirmation email

Guess what? We laid all of this out and more in your confirmation email!

You’ll see where to meet, how early to arrive, tour rules, and other very important pieces of info that will make your trip smooth as butter. 

Chances are, if you have a general question about your trip, the answer is in the confirmation email. Checking that before reaching out will save you some precious time! 

On top of having your questions answered, reading your confirmation email will seriously minimize the chances that you break any of our party bike party fouls. So make sure to read it like it’s a text from your crush.

Ok, you can officially take that sigh of relief, because if you follow our advice listed above, you’re not going to make a damn fool of yourself during your party bike tour. Now that you’re good and prepared, book your party bike for your group today!

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