Tips to Plan an Amazing Scottsdale Company Holiday Party

Don’t plan the same-old company holiday party. Your team will thank you!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

And for company holiday planners, it’s the most stressful time of the year! Planning a great company Christmas party can be a huge responsibility, and the idea of having it fall flat can keep some people up at night. 

If you’re deep in the trenches of planning your Scottsdale corporate holiday party, here are the best tips we have as Scottsdale fun experts!

Benefits of planning your Scottsdale company holiday party with Arizona Party Bike:

Scottsdale Corporate Team Building Activities


Get a good mix of the outdoors and the indoors

One of the beautiful things about being in Scottsdale during the holidays is that you aren’t banished indoors for the entire winter season! While it can hit cozy sweater weather at times, the climate hardly ever keeps you from venturing outside for some holiday cheer. 

With a pedal pub party, you’ll get a good mix of brisk outdoor fun and cozy indoor comfort as you ride from party stop to party stop! 

There is always something to talk about

With all the laughing, cheering, drinking, and playing that happens on a party bike, it’s almost impossible to have strained or boring conversations. The party guide who is an expert at getting people to let loose doesn’t hurt either!

It will never feel stuffy

Take a poll – we bet that your team will choose casual and fun over fancy and uptight at any time. So trade in your goblets for some reusable company cups perfect for sharing a cheer! 

Our pedal pub parties feel festive and special without ever feeling stuffy or formal. So everyone can relax and feel comfortable being themselves!

You can customize your tour

Think you can’t plan a corporate pedal bar party because it’s a little too centric around drinking? Think again! 

Whether you have some younger team members or just don’t want to stop at the party bars, you don’t need to throw a rager to have fun. Our party bike can roll your company around to restaurants, pizza parlors, ice cream shops… you name it. The only limit in your Old Town stops is your creativity!

The logistics, timing, and planning are on us

Don’t spend months and a majority of your sanity trying to plan every last detail of your Scottsdale staff Christmas party. When you plan a holiday celebration with Arizona Party Bike, we take over a ton of the monotonous planning! 

We will let you know what you need to bring, and you can leave the rest to us! From planning the timing at each stop to getting the party started with some music and games, even the event planner will have a chance to sit back and enjoy the festivities. 

Now that we’ve given you the best tips we have, here are the rest!


Tips for a great Scottsdale company holiday party

Scottsdale Company Christmas Holiday Party

Involve your employees in the planning!

If you are at a loss with what your team wants to do to celebrate the holidays together, take a poll! Provide a few options for activities around town and see what option the majority of the company is excited about. People will feel more involved in the process and therefore more excited to join in the celebration come party time!

If it’s outside of work hours, it better be awesome

Nobody wants to spend extra time at the office – so don’t plan an evening event that should have been held at noon. Lunch break parties are allowed to be low maintenance since it happens during paid hours. But if you’re asking people to use their free time to enjoy a company holiday party, you should be busting out the big guns to create a great night!

Plan a (casual) activity

So you find a venue, buy some drinks, people show up and… now what? Not everyone feels comfortable depending on small talk for the entire party. Having an activity to break up the conversations can help people feel more at ease and find more things to talk about other than 

And we’re not saying set up a craft table for people to make Santa hats out of construction paper! Plan an activity that adults actually want to try, like… ahem… the great pedal tavern idea we laid out above. 

Promote a dress theme

This one may be a controversial opinion, but we love dress themes – especially casual ones. For example, planning an ugly Christmas sweater party lets people know that they don’t need to dress up, and arriving in a festive sweatshirt is supported! There is an easy ice breaker for everyone to talk about their sweaters and you get to feel cozy and comfortable all evening long. 

Give your employees gifts

There aren’t many people out there who don’t enjoy opening a gift. Whether you plan a gift exchange among the employees or have your own presents to share with your team, opening something during a Christmas party makes it feel even more special! Don’t underestimate our inner children – everyone enjoys tearing the wrapping paper off of a fun gift!

The best gift you can offer your team during a Scottsdale holiday company party is planning a night of stress-free fun and festivities. So ring in the new year with your hard-working team by planning the Christmas party event they deserve! And if you need any party-planning help along the way, reach out to our team!

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