Ultimate Old Town
Scottsdale Bar Crawl

So, you’re on a mission. A quest. One that will go down in history as one of the best nights of your life. You are planning the ultimate Old Town Scottsdale bar crawl. 

Drama aside, planning an Old Town bar crawl is a noble challenge that can be pretty difficult to mess up. With so many great activities, hotspots, food, and nightlife walkable within the Old Town area, no matter what you plan, you’ll have fun. But is every Old Town bar crawl the ULTIMATE Old Town bar crawl? Certainly not. That’s where we come in. We eat, sleep, breathe, and live Old Town nightlife, so it’s safe to say we’ve cracked the code on planning an amazing night out in Old Town. 

From choosing the right places to hit up to the tiniest tips that make the night’s logistics easier, we have chosen to bestow upon you the secret recipe to the best night out in Old Town Scottsdale. 

Old Town Scottsdale Bar Crawl Hit List

As we mentioned, the full list of awesome Old Town hotspots is endless and you can’t go wrong with most bars and clubs in Old Town Scottsdale. But if you want a guaranteed great night out, here is the list of our favorite Scottsdale bar crawl stops. And when you party at these places on an Arizona Party Bike tour, you get VIP drink specials!


Scottsdale Nightlife & Bars: Pattie's Irish Pub

AZ Party Bike drink specials: $3 domestics, $4 imports, $5 wells all day and night, $4 cactus cooler shots

Looking for loud, packed, classic dive bar fun? Pattie’s Lounge is a must-stop. With 5 areas to explore, pools tables to make harmless bets on, and tons of potential new fun-loving friends to meet, you can spend hours here in the blink of an eye. Pattie’s is a local favorite and wears the memory of patrons through thousands of dollar bills pasted to the walls by partiers of the past. If you love a hole-in-the-wall atmosphere to balance out other more glamorous stops, you’ll love Pattie’s lounge. 

Social Tap

Social Tap Eatery in Scottsdale AZ

AZ Party Bike drink specials: 20% Off Tab unless it’s happy hour, then it’s happy hour pricing

Social Tap Eatery is a restaurant, craft brew patio, and sports bar rolled into one fun spot. Hoping to catch a bit of a game or a fight during your crawl? Social Tap has over 30 TVs showing all of the top sports games and UFC fights, so don’t worry about missing a thing. We also love this spot as a food spot, since Social Tap Eatery prides itself on only offering fresh, scratch-made meals and snacks that will keep you fueled for the rest of the Old Town Scottsdale Bar Crawl. 


Rockbar Scottsdale Nightlife

AZ Party Bike drink specials: $4 well, wine, draft, champagne, and Funday shots (Pink Whitney or fireball shots), $5 flatbreads

If you can’t tell by the name, Rockbar is built around music. The Rockbar hosts the best local and national talent to their stage and offers an unforgettable night of music and entertainment. Rock bar keeps it unabashedly real, leaves stereotypes at the door, and caters to groups of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. The only common denominator we need is a love of great music. Open every day until 2 am, there is never a bad time to party at Rock Bar. 

Boondock’s Patio & Grill

Boondocks Scottsdale AZ Bar & Grill

AZ Party Bike drink specials: Happy hour pricing all-day

Boondocks is a classic Old Town Scottsdale staple for when you just want to be surrounded by all-around good vibes. With both indoor and outdoor seating, you can have a great time in the fresh air, in the air conditioning, or a little bit of both. And get ready to both feast and rage at Boondocks Patio & Grill – the food hits just as hard as the great drinks. Challenge your friends to a round of pool, meet new people around the bar, and just enjoy life as it’s meant to be lived.

The Hot Chick

The Hot Chick Scottsdale Nightlife

AZ Party Bike drink specials: $5 Pootie Tang Shots

Hey look – it’s a bar named after you! This trendy and cheeky Scottsdale hot spot brings out the children in all of us – except it’s perfectly legal for your inner child to drink. The Hot Chick is all about the 60’s throwback vibes when it comes to comfort food, arcade games, and jams. The community scene thrives here with local DJs and entertainment so you can enjoy the playful side of Scottsdale.

Blue Clover Distillery

Blue Clover Distillery: Scottsdale Nightlife

AZ Party Bike drink specials: $5 Blue Clover spirits/shots

Want a great stop to appreciate a good drink before hitting the rowdier bars? Blue Clover Distillery seals each bottle of spirits with love and dedication to its craft. This results in an amazingly smooth finish and mouth-watering flavor to every cocktail or tasting you try. With classy tasting rooms and a knowledgeable team, you can learn a little bit about the distilling process as you explore all of the spirits they offer.

Porter’s Western Saloon

Porters Western Saloon - Where to Party in Scottsdale

AZ Party Bike drink specials: $8 cactus verde cocktails, $5 fireball shots, $5 peanut butter whiskey shots

Pony up, partner. While Scottsdale has its fair share of trendiness, luxury, and prep, we’re leaning into our western roots at Porter’s Western Saloon. The Old Town cowboy feel and more elegant touches like a crystal chandelier complement each other perfectly and create a unique take on rustic charm. If you’re looking for a casual cocktail with a side of Scottsdale history, this is the spot for you. And you can’t miss it, since General the horse proudly resides on the balcony of the saloon.

Scottsdale Wine Girl

Scottsdale Wine Girl - Scottsdale Nightlife

AZ Party Bike drink specials: $1 off all drafts (16 drafts) 

Not everyone is a beer person, and sometimes your bar crawl needs a little chic upgrade. That’s where Wine Girl Scottsdale comes in. Wine Girl Scottsdale is the perfect stop for a girl’s night out that needs a great glass of rosé and an adorable atmosphere. With the gorgeous interior design and a photo-ready corner everywhere you look, Wine Girl Scottsdale is the perfect stop to kick off your bar crawl and snag a group photo while you’re still looking cute as hell. We all know some sweat and smeared mascara may be in your near future, so getting that early is key!

BS West

BS West - Scottsdale Bars & Nightlife

AZ Party Bike drink specials: $4 drafts, $5 fireball shots and Corona Seltzers, $5 Imports, $6 Gummy Bear Shots, $8 Titos lavender lemonade and Hornitos Blood Orange Margaritas, $8 Bacardi

So you want a tidal wave of glam on your night? BS West is here to deliver. This spot is known for jaw-dropping drag shows and show-stopping performances by local icons. There is something on the event calendar most nights out of the week, so it stays fresh and funky. A favorite to the Scottsdale LGBTQ+ community, this spot keeps the drinks flowing and the acceptance abundant. No matter who you are or who you love, you are welcome BS West. 


Schmooze Cocktails in Scottsdale AZ

AZ Party Bike drink specials: Happy hour pricing all-day

You’ve heard of schmoozing important potential clients, but what about schmoozing yourself? You’ll truly be impressed by your own taste when you enter this coffee and cocktail bar. While Schmooze prides itself on being the perfect spot for remote workers and meeting-goers, it’s an easy place to relax as well. From salted caramel espresso martinis to refreshing cocktail flights, you’ll never get tired of the endless options here. Because everyone deserves a little self-schmooze every now and then. 

An epic Old Town Scottsdale bar crawl can alter the course of your life for the better. Or at least give you some great memories (and party stories) to look back on for years to come. Enjoy your quest to plan your Old Town Adventure, and reach out to us for help with the party-planning fun. Whether you want to plan every bar crawl stop or sit back and have us make the tough decisions, our party bike guides will help your crew navigate the best of Old Town Scottsdale. Reach out to book your ideal night out today!

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