Plan a Boo-zy Tucson
Halloween Bar Crawl

It’s Spooky Season: Time to get weird on a Tucson Halloween bar crawl.

Check all that apply:

  • You have a calendar alarm set at 12:01 am on October 1 to put up Halloween decorations
  • You plan your Halloween costume in May
  • Watching a scary movie every day of October has become your second job
  • You live off of fun-size snickers bars for sustenance 
  • Planning a Halloween bar crawl is more exciting than planning your wedding day

If you identify with any of the above, this is for you. We know that a Halloween bar crawl is your SuperBowl, and you want a Tucson Halloween party that friends will talk about until the first day of Hanukkah. 

The best way to plan the ultimate spooky celebration? A Tucson Halloween pub crawl with Arizona Party Bike. 

Tucson Halloween Bar Crawl

Why a Tucson Halloween Bar Crawl?

Tucson Halloween nightlife is no joke. From decorated bar parties to costume contests, you will feel right at home walking into these spooky spots in your finest zombie bride or Beetlejuice costumes. From ghostly tiki parties to eerie speakeasies, you can easily get your freaky on during a Tucson Halloween bar crawl. 

With all of the Tucson Halloween events at your fingertips, it can be hard choosing just a few to hit up – especially if you need to walk in between each one. Planning a pub crawl by yourself can get logistically confusing, especially with a large group to manage.

Skip the planning frustration and book a party bike tour to celebrate your Tucson Halloween! This low-stress, high-spook factor bar crawl will be the perfect finale for your Spooky Season. 

Celebrating a Tucson Halloween bar crawl on a Party Bike

All of the creepy, boo-zy fun without the scary cleanup

Tucson Halloween Activities & Attractions

No need to clean your entire house and make dozens of “witches’ fingers” – you can plan a Halloween party in the heart of Tucson with all of your ghoulfriends. 

Arizona Party Bikes central will be decked out in all sorts of Halloween decorations to keep the spirits high, and we love when party bikers commit to impressive costumes. Since downtown Tucson will be ready for spooky party-goers, you get all the Halloween fun without needing to create it yourself!

Parade your Halloween costumes in style

Tucson Halloween Party

Want an amazing and eye-catching stage to show off your Halloween costume? A party bike tour will parade you around the Tucson bar scene, and we can promise you’ll turn heads everywhere we pedal. Create a grande costume entrance for your crew and always roll into the Halloween bar crawl stops in style.

Many groups love to plan a group party bike costume to get a spooktacular party bike tour picture! Not to mention how much easier it is to spot your group from across the bar when everyone is wearing the same thing. The buddy system works, people!

No lines, no covers, no problem

Tucson Halloween Pub Crawl

One of the reasons plenty of people choose a house party over a Halloween bar crawl is the extra cover charges and crowds to get past before you reach the fun. No one wants to spend Halloween standing in a line, so most people decide to party in their living rooms. 

What if you could get the most of spooky Tucson nightlife without having to fight against the crowds and covers? 

On a Tucson Halloween bar crawl with Arizona Party Bikes, you get the VIP treatment. Our bar partners are the life of the Halloween party and will let our party bikers in with no cover, and you can skip the long line waiting to get in.

You can feel like Halloween queens every time you roll up to a new bar stop!

Enjoy scary good drinks specials at our bar partners

Tucson Halloween Bars & Events

We all know that one of the scariest parts of Halloween is looking at your credit card statement the morning after.

Our party bike tours ensure that the journey is just as fun (and boozy) as the destination. You can bring your own booze and party while pedaling to bar stops. So grab your favorite flavors of White Claw, because the drinks won’t stop flowing on a Tucson Halloween bar bike tour. 

Another insider tip? Never pay full price for drinks! On top of the party bike pregaming, you can take advantage of awesome drink specials at all of our Tucson bar partners. From all-day happy hour to signature drink discounts, you will be able to party hard without racking up a bar tab that would scare Michael Myers. 

Shop around for the best Tucson Halloween party

Anyone who has been the party parent during a bar crawl knows that trying to reign everyone in to head to the next bar stop is like herding bats. Next thing you know, you’ve spent 3 hours at the same ‘meh’ bar, and the night is almost over. Bleh.

Stick with your friends from start to finish with a streamlined tour with a set timeline. When everyone is on the same page about how long they have to party at each stop, the transitions on the bar crawl go as smooth as butter. You have enough time to grab a drink, play a drinking game, or get a couple of dances in. But you won’t get stuck in boring conversations with strangers since you have the perfect outro locked and loaded: “Sorry – we have to head back to our party bike!” 

This Halloween bar crawl setup lets you taste all of the bar parties and find the ones that are really bumping. Then when you finish with the party bike tour (if you still have some gas left in the tank), you can head back to your favorite party to finish out the Halloween celebration!

Get ready to find the most sinister spots in Tucson with Arizona Party Bike! Halloween party bike tours book up fast, so the sooner you reserve a bike the more likely you’ll get your preferred tour time. Book your tour here or reach out to our team to chat about your Tucson Halloween bar crawl!

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