Cancellation Requests

Due to the high volume of travel-related inquiries related to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are asking all of our customers to fill out the following form with your specific request. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours, in the order that each request is received.

We will issue refunds for COVID-19 related cancellations regardless of our normal 14 day cancellation policy. We love and support our guests and do not want to be a negative force for you in this time!

We take issues of public health very seriously and our team is dedicated to the safety of our staff and customers. We have trained our staff to implement a wide range of hygiene and sanitation procedures, including frequently sanitizing our store, our bikes, and their hands throughout the day. We provide hand sanitizer for all of our employees and guests in the store and on the bikes for frequent use.

Due to the sudden and unexpected impact of the coronavirus and spring training cancellation, Arizona small businesses and their employees will be enormously impacted by the sudden influx of cancellation and refund requests. We are committed to keeping our more than 30 employees working during this period and to see them and their families through this difficult time while being as flexible as we possibly can be.

We do ask that you seriously consider supporting local businesses and their employees by “letting your deposit ride” to be used on your next trip to Arizona or for your local group party. In return, we would love to offer you a drink voucher for each guest in your group when you do come party with us. We ask that you please consider this as an option, and write our customer service staff a kind review on TripAdvisor which will help us out when this all blows over.

Arizona is an amazing place to visit and live in regardless of the circumstances. We love providing a safe, fun, five-star experience for our guests. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Our Core Values

Team First

We believe that a happy team makes happy guests. We put our team first in everything we do and expect everyone to bring their A-Game for our guests.

Every Guest a Fan

Turning first-time guests into life-long fans is our passion. Awesome customer service is key to creating memorable experiences and stories worth telling and retelling (or gramming).

Promote Our City

We always aim to show guests the best side of our community. We love having people on our team who are passionate about city’s day and night life, history, and culture!