Fun Fall Things To Do In Arizona

There isn’t much more we love than an Arizona Fall! Now that the heat is finally settling down a little, it’s time to enjoy some time outside without melting. No more need to hunker down in air-conditioned rooms – we can stretch our wings and explore throughout the day! 

Fall in Arizona looks like summer everywhere else, so you get even more time to get out into the desert, lounge by the pool, take in the sun and enjoy some heat before it’s time for (light) sweater weather. 

Here are our favorite fall things to do in Arizona! 

Fun Fall Road Trips in Arizona

There’s no better time to go exploring outside – so here’s our favorite nature-filled road trips that get you to the pretty fall leaves everyone wants to see in autumn.

Aravaipa Canyon

If you want to see more diverse scenery than what the desert can offer, the Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness will satisfy all of your outdoor cravings. With flowing creeks, fall leaves, towering cliffs, and lush foliage. In the fall, a gorgeous mountainscape filled with red and golden leaves contrasts the surrounding Sonoran Desert landscape.

Santa Catalina Mountains

Located near north Tucson, the rocky and rugged Santa Catalina Mountains in Coronado National Forest is Tucson’s most prominent range with the highest average elevation. You can conquer Mt. Lemmon, an exquisite journey that people boast resembles a trip from the Mexican to the Canadian border. 


Things to do in Flagstaff in the Fall

Looking for fall small mountain town vibes and vibrant fall leaves? Flagstaff will not disappoint! Located about a 2-hour drive north from Phoenix, Flagstaff can get you views of some pine-tree-covered mountains and the Grand Canyon on the same day. 

Fall Activities in Arizona

An Arizona Pub Crawl

Fun Fall Things To Do in Scottsdale AZ

Arizona doesn’t mess around when it comes to having a good time on the town. Every city has something to offer, from the best bars in Phoenix to incredible Scottsdale nightlife to Tucson downtown fun!

Arizona Party Bike will upgrade your fall fun if you want to take your Arizona pub crawl to the next level. We can take groups of 14 (and if you have more, you can rent multiple bikes!) on an afternoon or evening of drinking, dancing, games, music, pedaling, and rowdy fun. With bikes available in Scottsdale, Tucson, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tempe, a wild time is never too far away!


Farmers Market

Autumn Equinox Activities: Farmers Market

While farmers markets around the country start packing up for the season, many Arizona farmers markets are just getting started! Many markets kick off in October and continue into the new year, so your fall and winter can be full of excellent local produce, meats, dairy, and treats! 

Enjoy the Desert

Fun Fall Activities in the Arizona Desert

The desert is exceptional in the summer, as long as it’s before sunrise or after sunset! However, in the fall, we have a little more flexibility. We can finally enjoy the adventure of the desert without needing to take a long midday sun break – so fill it with exciting desert activities. From hiking to climbing to ATV rides and more, the Sonoran desert has endless fun to offer those who visit in the fall!

Arizona State Fair

Fall means it’s that time of year again – bring on the rides, games, and fried Oreos! 

The Arizona State Fair is held in Phoenix from Late September through the end of October, so there is a finite amount of time you can jump into this jam-packed community fun! From shopping to fair food to roller coasters to live performances, you will never run out of things to do. 

Ales on Trails

Don’t let your fall calendar miss this annual month-long event unique to our state! The Ales on Rails tour lets you celebrate Oktoberfest paired with fantastic desert views on a train ride. Ales on Rails is just a stone’s throw away from Phoenix and runs from mid-September through the end of October. So get your tickets early because this iconic fall activity sells out fast!

Fun Fall Events in Arizona To Have on Your Calendar

Now that you have some activities and month-long events on your to-do list, here are some opportunities that are only available for a few days! So don’t miss out on these great Arizona fall events. 

Arizona Fall Fest

Put Arizona local businesses first!

This year’s Arizona Fall Fest is held in Margaret T. Hance Park, Phoenix, on November 5. With over 200 local vendors showcasing art, food, drinks, gifts, and more, it’s a great day to support local businesses in your community.

Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships

The Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships is back on November 5, 2022!

Enjoy a day of fast-paced games and horses! Considered one of the best polo events in the world, this exciting day of sport is just as fun for the fans as it is for the players. Whether you’re a seasoned polo pro or know nothing about the sport, everyone can partake in creating America’s most-attended polo event.

Phoenix Pride Festival

Thought Pride was only celebrated in June? Think again! The Phoenix Pride Festival is held every mid-October so people can party all day without getting beat by the heat. With tons of drag shows, performances, live music, and parties around town, it’s a weekend packed with camaraderie and celebration. 

Dia De Los Muertos Festival

Dia De Los Muertos Event in Arizona

Dia de Los Muertos is an important fall celebration in Greater Phoenix. Originating in Mexico, Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is usually held on November 1st and 2nd and is centered around celebrating loved ones who have passed. This event includes a parade, traditional food, vibrant decorations, and tons of joy to spread.

Arizona Pumpkin Patch Parties

First Day of Fall Activities in Arizona: Pumpkin Patch

Even in the heat, it’s not fall without having some pumpkin-spiced… everything! So head to an Arizona pumpkin patch for a day of hay rides, farm fun, and picking the perfect pumpkins to take home. Whether you practice your carving skills or make treats, it’s the ideal way to get into the seasonal spirit! 

Don’t let the best season in Arizona slip through your fingers! Take advantage of everything Fall in Arizona provides, and you’ll have an autumn to remember. Ready to plan a fall crawl the easy way? Reach out to our team to take on all party logistics with a bike tour!

Fun Fall Things To Do in Scottsdale AZ

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